Sunday, 28 April 2013

Topic: storybook 'Dear Zoo'. Vet's Visit to class.

The vet explained how he cares for animals.  He took out of his bag a thermometer
stethoscope, syringe, bandages and others to demonstrate how he examines, diagnoses 
and treats animals. The children were able to touch his tools and were given the opportunity 
to test some tools, such as the stethoscope.  The animal soft toys represented the sick animals.  
The vet was very patient and used age-appropriate language to help the children understand
 his occupation. It was a very interesting experience where a member of our community 
shared his knowledge. 

The children helped the vet clear the table and pack.
The vet could tell that they enjoyed the visit because they hugged him
before he left class.

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  1. What a nice experience this must have been for the kids with a real Vet!!!!!! Very interesting indeed and well done as always. Joanne Chetcuti