Saturday, 27 April 2013

Learning about Science.

Planting beans:  The children became aware of the planting process, watching each step by placing the dry beans in water a day before and then plant them the next day.  They will eventually learn that watering the pot and keeping it in the sun will make the plant grow.  Observing the changes and keeping track of its growth will foster knowledge about the world.  They will observe and later discover whether the beans in 4 other pots will grow - one is in sand, one will not have water, one is in the fridge and the other is in the dark.


 Food colouring was added to the water. Each carnation was placed in a container.

The Sense of Wonder:  White carnations were changing colour due to the coloured water they were placed in.  The stem was absorbing the water and consequently the flower was changing colour. 

Planting flower seeds:  This activity promoted social development where the children collaborated, shared the material and resources that were available and above all they were committed to the task at hand.  While working with the teacher, the children learned how to nurture and to love nature.  It was a valuable and enjoyable activity.  After a few days they will be able to watch how the seeds germinate, sprout the first leaves, grow and finally flower. 


Stages of growth: Daily the children check the growth of the beans they planted sometime ago.  The chart they previously drew and collaged helped them note the stage the plant had reached.  

Visit to the school garden:  The children developed an awareness of their surroundings.  It was an opportunity where they talked and discussed about the type of flowers, the shapes of leaves, big or small plants and the gardening tools. On this visit we talked about the responsibility to treat the environment respectfully such as not to litter the place.

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  1. Thanks alot for updating us with all these lovely photos.This subject is so intesting for the kids and we can tell from the pics(-: A big well done !!!!! Joanne Chetcuti