Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Back to school after visit to Palazzo Parisio Gardens

Role play:  Wet sand.  A group of children played with wet sand to role play the gardener.  The sand served as the base of a garden.  Small stones, shells, plastic pots, small pastic flowers and wooden sticks were provided to foster their imagination.  The wheelbarrow with a watering can and a plastic pipe was at hand to help them pretend that they were watering the plants.  This activity promoted interaction and sharing as well.

Free drawing:  Inviting children to draw a picture of their experience at the outing to Palazzo Parisio helped them recall and express themselves better through drawing.  The activity not only helped me to understand how much children observe such as when one boy drew little details of the gardener’s tools but I had the opportunity to develop a positive relationship with each child.

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