Friday, 26 April 2013

Circle Time: How a Plant Grows.

The children were exposed to second language through  a set of sequence cards that indicated how a plant grows.  They were given the opportunity to take turns and put the cards in order while observing  the  picture on each card and  with the teacher’s help take note of the printed word  and say the word.  A short video downloaded from youtube reinforced their learning about the subject.


Music/Movement:  While a piece of music ‘Morning has broken’ downloaded from youtube was on, the children dramatized how a plant grows.  Craig pretended to water the seeds and very slowly  they grew, and grew and grew into lovely flowers.  The  wind made the flowers sway from side to side until a bee (Craig  acted the part as well) came along to pick up the nectar.  Drama with music motivated the children to recall what they learnt previously at circle time.

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