Sunday, 28 April 2013

Topic: storybook 'Dear Zoo' by Rod Campbell

Circle Time:  A web about a zoo was created with the children.  
The illustrations next to the written word helped the children understand better.  

 Shared Reading: The teacher wore a story jacket and
 presented herself to the children.  Besides the big storybook, she made use of 
various resources such as story characters 
to raise children's curiosity and interest. 

The children listened attentively to the story.   
The teacher made sure to use gestures and exaggerated
 facial expressions to motivate and help them concentrate.

 They shouted out with glee when the characters popped 
out of the story jacket's pockets.

 To thank the teacher for the interesting story, 
they hugged her and almost made her fall from the reading chair.

 They were curious to see whether there were more props inside the pockets.

 All were eager to wear the story jacket at the end of the story.

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