Friday, 19 April 2013

Topic: Flowers

Outdoor play: Flower Hunt. 
Children wore bee headbands to pretend they are
 bees looking for flowers to pick up nectar.
 They covered their eyes until teacher hid
 the flower cards in the school yard.
The bees were ready to look for the flowers.
 Ready, steady, go......
They looked in each spot and when all the flowers
were found the children returned to the
 gazebo which represented the beehive.

 Back in class for lunch-break.
 They prepared sandwiches with butter,
cheese or ham for the wedding party.

 The children used cutters to have the
 sandwiches in various shapes. 
They decorated them with cherry tomatoes.

 The boys prepared for the wedding. 
They buttoned the shirts on their own. 
 The bridal entourage leaving the class while
the wedding march was played. 
The music was downloaded from youtube.
 They celebrated a double wedding.

The parents of the brides.
 The ushers.
 It was an occasion where the children learnt that
flowers are used for wedding celebrations.

 Group photos.

 A party was held back in class. 
The children ate the food they had prepared earlier in class.

 Their favourite music was played
while they enjoyed themselves dancing.

 The party came to an end with children
 having fun with shredded paper.


  1. What a lovely ceremony and after party (-: How cute all the kids looked.It was great fun for sure !! Another brilliant idea thanks to you Ms Anne.Well done (-: Joanne Chetcuti

  2. AMAZINGGGGGG !!!!! KEMM GEW HELWIN. ARA KEMM HUMA FERHANIN :) your ideas are brilliant. Through these activities you bring the best out of the kids. Thank you for treating our kids with so much respect and care. WE LOVE YOU XXX


  3. Ms Anne - you are amazing. What an idea!!!! they look fabulous. Than you for your ideas - you always make our children happy.

    thanks a lot,

  4. Ms Anne,

    You are amazing. What an idea !!!!! They look really happy.
    Thank you for making our children's days so special.

    Thanks again,

  5. Ms Anne,

    you are amazing :) what a brilliant idea !!!
    thank you for making our children's days so interesting.

    Thanks once again,,