Sunday, 28 April 2013

Circle Time: storybook 'Katie and the Sunflowers' by James Mayhew. Art Craft: creating sunflowers.


 Children view the picture of the famous artist - Vincent Van Gogh.

After the children listened to the story, they saw a slide show about Vincent Van Gogh.  In this slide show they were able to see the famous painting of Vincent Van Gogh 'Sunflowers in a Vase'.  Circle came to an end when the children sang the 'Sunflower Song' which was downloaded from youtube.

Art Craft: As part of the introduction to the activity the children observed the picture of a sunflower to note the details, such as shape, colour and centre of the flower.  They used the scissors to cut the shape, snip the edges and then used a sponge to water-paint the orange and yellow cutouts.  After they painted a brown circle in the middle, they pasted some seeds.  The circles were then pasted on long strips of green cardboard that represented the stem.  Finally some cardboard leaves were pasted on the stem.  The sunflowers were put up on display against the window pane in the corridor opposite our class.  The children were able to engage in a collaborative activity where they had the opportunity to succeed.

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