Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Postman

 Circle time: 'I am a Postman'.  The children were able to view 
an interactive story about a day in the life of a postman.

The children went outside the school to see the school letter box.

 Creative writing:  They were provided with writing material to
 scribble a letter to their mother, fold the letter and place it in an envelope.
The letter was to be posted at the Post Office, a few days later.

 Visit to Local Post Office.

 This was a hands-on experience where the children gained
 knowledge about the postal worker's job at the office.  

 They learned about turn-taking while queuing.

 Withe the 20 cents that their parents provided, the children 
bought a local stamp to put on the envelope.

 The children were curious about these shutters.  It was explained that 
people can retrieve big parcels from there.  

 The friendly postal worker showed them the storage room where 
they could see big sacks full of letters and packages on top of shelves. 
He explained that these sacks were then taken to Head Office to be
 sorted and delivered to the indicated address.

 The postal boxes outside the office were marked with a number.
 It was an opportunity to explain their use.  

 The illustrations next to the signs helped them understand their meaning.

While the teacher prepared the parcel for a relative
 the children were able to follow the necessary steps. 

 The parcel was ready to be posted.

 They posted their letters in the letter box outside the premises.

 On their way to the school they noted the various shops.

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