Thursday, 7 February 2013

PE activities

 Parachute game- 'Going on an adventure'.
In a boat -  they rowed back and forth.

 Fish were moving in the water
They sheltered under the tent.
 They checked whether rain had stopped.
 The put up a fire to warm themselves as it was very cold. 
Wood cracked in the fire (represented by the soft balls).
Movement through music using streamers.
Listening to  The Blue Danube by Johann Strauss Jr.

Coloured satin ribbons tied inside shower rings were used as streamers.
 Learning about space awareness.
Hoops were used to represent cars. 
They drove the cars but were very careful not to bump into each other.
 When whistle was blown they had to put hoop down and
sit in it to pretend that they were parking their car in the parking space.
 Animal movements - monkeys
 swing from branch to branch.
 Ladybirds fly.
Crocodiles creep.

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